About Us at Browse-a-While Ltd

Here are a few free tips when choosing a company or individual to clear a property.

  1. Are they a Registered Waste Carrier? If they have a Registration Number displayed on their web site or provide you with one, check it out. Does it correspond to the company and the address they provide?  Our Registration Number is CBDU234784
  2. Do they have a registered address, on their web site, business card, letter heading or advertising? At Browse-a-while Ltd we certainly do.
  3. Is their web site just a swanky all singing all dancing smoke and mirrors or do they deliver on what they promise? Check out their feedback. We at Browse-a-while Ltd use Google Maps to promote our business and client recommendations to source work. Check out our reviews on Google Maps (just click the link we have nothing to hide).
  4. Are they really value for money? We often see clients who have been visited by companies offering to clear their property and have been told they have nothing of value and can have their property cleared for a very small amount. Remember all businesses have overheads to meet, staff to pay, skip or tip fees and in some circumstances additional fees for contaminated waste. We at Browse-a-while Ltd will give you a price based on the actual work involved. We will do our utmost to raise money for YOU from the sale of YOUR items and yes we will take a small fee for that part of our service as well.
  5. Where will YOUR items end up? There are many rogue individuals and businesses claiming to provide property and estate clearances. Fly tipping is on the increase and most of it comes from property clearances. We at Browse-a-while Ltd guarantee, all waste will be lawfully disposed of. We only use bona fide skip hire companies, if a skip is required. We separate any waste into recyclable units where possible before depositing at a recycling centre.  
  6. Will they really donate your items to a charity? Ask them who they usually donate CLIENTS PROPERTY to. See if the charity will verify this. We at Browse-a-while Ltd let YOU decide who the items go to. If you do not have a specific preference we will suggest bona fide charities to you and tell you exactly what they stand for and how we supply YOUR DONATIONS to them.
  7. Remember, if their services appear cheap it is a warning sign. We at Browse-a-while Ltd will tell you if you have items of value. We will suggest to you ways to realise that value and we will give you FREE advice and an initial FREE valuation of the contents. We are here to help you. 

Browse-a-while Limited is our registered company name.

We also trade as Browse-a-while Antiques & Collectables.

BAW-Logo-2017-New-3 (002)
At Browse-a-while Antiques & Collectables we Buy & Sell Antiques & Collectables as well as providing other services relating to and dealing in Antiques & Collectable items.Browse-a-while-Antiques

We provide a bespoke Bereaved Estate Management Service which can incorporate House/Property Clearance Service with an initial FREE Site Visit and an initial FREE contents valuation and advice on disposal. We also hold Auctions of goods from clearances Browse-a-while-house-clearance-midlands

At Browse-a-while Limited we pride ourselves on a friendly and welcoming approach to all our clients. Bereavement is always a difficult time and releasing family possessions can be a very emotive task. We have also been in that unfortunate position. Having to plan and manage the estate of a loved one who has sadly passed away.

We understand and are sympathetic to your needs as a bereaved family and we know how important it is to provide a discreet professional and caring approach.

The properties and possessions of a loved one are treated with respect when performing a valuation service, estate or house clearance service or auctions. Our service is prompt, efficient and above all, confidential.

Browse-a-while Bereaved Estate Management Service provides an initial FREE Site Visit providing FREE Initial Advice and a General Valuation Service to all clients.

We clear any size property from modest terraced houses to country estates, garages, sheds and business premises.

In addition to the auctions we hold we also have a client base of reputable auction houses, collectors and antique dealers that allows us to quickly find potential buyers and avenues for disposal of the items. This enables us to provide you with a speedy service and reduces the costs associated with the services we provide..

Estate clearances can also be as a result of down sizing, just moving home, disposal as part of Probate following the death of a relative, assisting the Executor of a will, disposal following divorce or Family Division Settlements, clearance of items subject to Insurance Claims following a fire or flood or simply where a client is looking to dispose of a collection.

Our initial FREE Site Visit, providing you with advice and a general valuation service allows you to choose how you want to proceed.

Read our Bereaved Estate Management Page at House/Property Clearances above for more information. Also take a look at our Valuations Page above for the other great services supplied by us.

Don’t Forget to Book your FREE Initial Valuation service by calling us on 01785 747 325 or contact us using the form below.

To join our mailing list enter your details below.

Contact Details: – Browse-a-while Ltd, Unit 3, Phase Two, Carver Road, Carver Business Park, Astonfields Industrial Estate, Stafford ST16 0RP.

Registered Waste Carrier CBDU234784

Tel No. 01785 747325 Mobile. 07890268004

E-mail Address. Browse-a-while@browse-a-while.com

Companies House Registration. 8183732

Companies House Registered Address. 47 Ampleforth Drive, Stafford, ST17 4TE

8 thoughts on “About Us at Browse-a-While Ltd

  1. lucy

    I was recommended to Browse-a-while by a family member who have used them for numerous services. Myself and my family have been overwhelmed by their fantastic communication, experienced advice and professional management of our affairs. Highly recommend this five star company.


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