Bereaved Estate Management

Browse-a-while Antiques & Collectables provide a bespoke Bereaved  10169213_10154926663395501_1965124979510625106_nEstate Management Service that incorporates a Professional Auction Service and Full or Part House or Property Clearance Service with an initial FREE site visit and initial FREE contents valuation.

graveyardAt Browse-a-while we pride ourselves on a friendly and welcoming approach to all  our clients. Bereavement is always a difficult time and releasing family possessions can be a very emotive task. We have also been in that unfortunate position of having to plan and manage the estate of a loved one who has sadly passed away.

We understand and are sympathetic to your needs as a bereaved family and we know how important it is to provide a discreet professional and caring approach.

The properties and possessions of a loved one are treated with respect when performing a valuation service or house clearance service. Our service is prompt, efficient and above all, confidential.

Browse-a-while Bereaved Estate Management Service provides an initial FREE Site Visit providing FREE Initial Advice and a General Valuation Service to all clients.

We clear any size property from modest terraced houses to country estates, country estategarages, sheds and business premises.

As well as our own Auction facilities we have a client base of reputable auction houses, collectors and antique dealers which allows us to quickly find potential buyers and avenues for disposal of item. This enables us to provide you with a speedy service and reduces the costs associated with the services we provide.

Estate clearances can also be as a result of down sizing, just moving home, disposal as part of Probate following the death of a relative, assisting the Executor of a will, disposal following divorce or Family Division Settlements, clearance of items subject to Insurance Claims following a fire or flood or simply where a client is looking to dispose of a collection.

Browse-a-while offers four types of clearance.Terraced House

1. If you have items that are re-saleable Browse-a-while may buy them from you. This may include the whole contents of a property.

2. If there are re-saleable items of a lower value these can be used to off-set any or all fees involved in the clearing of the property. This may involve Browse-a-while locating buyers for the items, submitting the items into one of our regular Auctions  or assisting you place the items at other auctions.

3. Where there are no re-saleable items the client is quoted a price for the clearance and disposal of the contents of the property. Our prices are very reasonable and value for your money. An hourly rate or fixed fee can be agreed.

4. A property cleaning service can be added to any one of the above three situations The price and scope of this service can be negotiated when you choose which clearance service you require. The cleaning service can be at an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

Where possible Browse-a-while re-cycle items cleared from a property. This includes donations to charities of your choice.

Items of no re-saleable value are disposed of at local re-cycling centre’s. Any personal documentation is removed and handed back to the executors or sensitively destroyed where requested.

Specific bequests can be identified and dispersed accordingly.

Contact Browse-a-While Limited on 01785 747 325 or E-mail us direct at for FREE initial advice. You can also contact us using the form below.

Our sister company Browse-a-while Trading also purchases new stock from companies in financial difficulty or in liquidation.

country estate

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