Estate Clearance, What Happens to the Items You Can’t Sell?

When clearing a property I often get asked. ‘What happens to the items you cannot sell”? It is simply amazing how many items can be re-used.

At the moment we are hitting over 95% when it comes to recycling items. Most items are either sold direct to Antiques or Collectables dealers, sold through our regular auctions, sold to clients who have previously asked us to source items for them, sold for scrap or rags, used to fuel heating systems or simply donated to charities who help the homeless and those coming out of a refuge or similar establishment. The remaining 5% is recycled through approved recycling schemes.

On one day earlier this year we helped five desperate families in one day. They received, bedding, food, utensils, furniture, fridges, cooking items and clothes. We have even offered casual work to those who can work and they have assisted in clearing the items they need.

It is all a case of thinking out side of the box and we even recycle those boxes as well!!!

If you have a property to clear, items you no longer have use for or simply need a FREE P1050065initial valuation give call Nick on 01785 747325 or direct on 07890268004.





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